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With our production methods, our mead will continue to develop and improve its flavour for about 12 years. Six months after opening a bottle, you will experience a distinct improvement in the flavour, a unique feature compared with other similar products. 

In 1997, we produced just two types of mead: Gl. Dansk Mjød and Klapøjster Mjød. To this very day, we have two tanks of mead from 1997 in our brewery, and the mead is still excellent. 

In the autumn of 2022, we designed and developed new, recyclable bottles for our mead. These new bottles help us create a more environmentally friendly product. 

All our products are gluten-free. Our fermentation process is exclusively honey-based. 

No, none of our meads contains sulphites. 

No. If you want to buy Dansk Mjød in the USA, please contact our US importer  B United International. 

As alcohol is important for retaining the honey flavour of the final product, we add alcohol during the process to halt the fermentation and to avoid having to use additives such as sulphites. 

All our mead is brewed on the basis of a recipe that can be dated back to the 18th century. This recipe was compiled from the same ingredients that archbishop Olaus Magnus noted down when writing the first mead recipe ever in 1520. This means that our meads are not only exquisite honey wines, but also the taste of history. 

All our recipes are our own original recipes. They all follow the Danish archbishop Olaus Magnus’s philosophy: Flavour improves with time. 

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