Bees and honey

Golden drops 


The large quantities of honey that go into making mead partly explain its past exclusivity. This is because bee-keeping first came to the Nordic region in the Middle Ages. 

Before this, honey had to be gathered from wild bees, an arduous undertaking that would rarely have added up to the honey needed for mead brewing. Accordingly, mead was a drink reserved for the gods, special occasions and the wealthy. 

The introduction of bee-keeping in the Middle Ages gave mead a boost, and the beverage enjoyed its heyday. 


Good honey – good mead 


The quality of the honey is essential for creating the best, most authentic mead. Today, skilled bee-keepers are found all over the world. 

When choosing honey for the mead to be made at Dansk Mjød, we put a premium on natural ingredients of consistently high quality, because this gives us the best end product.  

Travel back

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