Mead as part of daily life past and present

The gods’ drink of wisdom 


Mead. An elixir of life. A natural honey-based product. The people of antiquity associated bees and their honey with heaven, interpreting the golden drops as holy food and a symbol of fertility, wisdom and immortality. They used honey to brew the sweet mead, also known as the gods’ drink of wisdom. 

Mead was a costly drink, rather more expensive to produce than beer. Honey wine was therefore reserved for the gods and for special occasions. The Vikings sometimes diluted their mead with beer to make the precious drops last longer. 


Medicine and elixir of life 


Throughout history, mead has been seen to have various healing and medicinal properties and even to be an elixir that could lengthen a person’s life to past 100 years. Records also show that mead was believed to cure back pain, kidney diseases and rheumatism, and was used as a digestive aid and as a laxative. 

Today, mead is used in a host of different ways, but not as a medicine. A good drink in itself, mead is also suitable as a sweet cooking ingredient or as an element in delicious cocktails. Most of our meads are particularly well suited as an aperitif or a partner for coffee or cheese. 

Find your elixir of life here

Odin's Skull

With tart apple juice and a hint of cinnamon

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Viking Blod

Sweet and floral taste of hibiscus

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Klapøjster Mjød

Rich and sweet, with added aquavit

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Ribe Mjød

With apple and bog myrtle

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Fadlagret Mjød

A unique taste experience every time

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Gl. Dansk Mjød

Aromatic, sweet and semi-dry

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Skjalde Mjød

Mild in flavour with a hint of almond

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Jule Mjød

With a hint of apple and cinnamon

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Vikingernes Mjød

Lightly spiced, aromatic and sweet

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Jyde Mjød

24 different herbs

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